Are you worried about inflation?? You should be. At some point all of the new money created by Quantitative Easing (QE) will hit the real economy. You can protect yourself with an inflation hedge using GreenWorld's specially designed real asset investments.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Central Bank Balance Sheets, Inflation and Farmland as a Hedge

As per Agora Financial - central bank balance sheets
are exploding due to QE, and hence the interest in assets
like farmland which can serve as an inflation hedge

GreenWorld recently came across a very interesting article here on how many investors are diving into farmland due to their fears of hyperinflation.  Is the hyperinflation fear, just hysteria, or could it be justified.  We at GreenWorld are inclined to think that whilst we will not reach hyperinflation, rates of inflation above 10pc are entirely possible as all of the money printed from QE begins to leak into the world economy.

As we have always said previously about investing in farmland, it is a real asset that cannot be printed or conjured out of thin air by central banks.  Farmland also pays current income, and is a fine method of riding the worldwide trend of rising population and shrinking arable land.

Feel free to explore further the possibility for making farmland part of a portfolio of real assets: